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We offer advice and information to those interested in becoming escorts. Escorts provide a social service which is often advertised through an escort agency. The internet is the main medium used to find a desired escort for companionship and each escort typically provides a photo and details of their services.

Escorts cater to the varying interests of their clients. Unlike other websites, we don't specialise in just one sex. Male escorts, female escorts, couple escorts, transsexual escorts and transvestite escorts are advertised.

There is a reported 1500 massage parlours in London alone. The ‘parlour’ market in the UK is calculated to be worth up to £1bn.

Massage parlours’ are also known as a bordello, brothel, whorehouse, sauna, gentleman's club and various other names. It is an establishment specifically dedicated to where a masseuse can provide clients with a range of services.

It is difficult for a woman to understand what it is that a masseuse can offer perfectly attractive men that a free sexual encounter — be it a one-night-stand or in a relationship — cannot. In an age when women are more sexually liberated and “no-strings” sex is a greater possibility than it ever was before, why are more and more young and good looking men choosing these services?

Swinging or partner swapping is where partners in a committed relationship agree as a couple for both partners to engage in sexual activities with other people as a social activity.

One study found swingers are happier in their relationships than the ‘norm’. 60% said that swinging improved their relationship and over 70% claimed no problem with jealousy.

Swinging activities are highly organised through swinging clubs. There are over 3,000 swinging clubs worldwide. Swingers commonly meet through lifestyle magazines, personal ads, swinging house parties, swingers’ conventions and websites such as this.