Frequently Asked Questions


What do we provide?
Liam and i want to provide a website for both client and escort, and also for everyone with a naughty side singles and couples. So from escorts, parlours, swingers clubs and the best in adult toys and material, we really want this site to be the only place you need to go and would love your feedback.

Are there any search costs?
Definately not, this site is totally free to search

Do male escorts get work?
The answer to this is yes! Women, couples, men do hire male escorts. But guys dont be fooled by other sites making out you will instantly get contacted by sex hungry business women!

I (Liam) have been an escort for over two years now, starting off as a couple escort with Kerry. We soon were asked to go seperately and to be honest Kerry was booked up instantly! The majority of work I got as a male escort was for couples which i was more than happy with.

If I was bi/gay I would have been booked up just like Kerry, I have bi male escort friends who can earn around £1000 a day!

There are male escorts who make a good living out of only seeing female clients as I too have regular lady clients but it is not an instant process and guys remember you are your own product!

Why advertise with us?
You only have to look through our site to know its the best! We cant guarantee you work but we can guarantee a high influx of clients visitng our site. Liam and I have high aims of were this site is going to be and will make sure its the best on the net (Liam is so competitive!). Remember this is a site run not just by escorts, we are also swingers and have been clients as a couple and on our own.

How do I update my account?
Please email us to find out what you need to do.

How do i cancel my account?
Please email us and we will confirm how to