About Liam & Kerry


Hi and welcome to WCBY!

I’m Kerry and for those of you who don’t know me, I ran a Couple Escorting Service with my partner Liam.

Liam and I met in a lap dance bar quite a few years ago now – I was a professional dancer for six years and got to know Liam from one of the clubs I regularly worked in.

We eventually realised we were a perfect match with one thing in common…we loved SEX!

Both of us loved going to swingers clubs and putting on shows in front of everyone, especially with other girls. This eventually led us to start ‘we could be yours’, a Couple Escorting Service.

Our services ranged from putting on online sex shows for single men or couples to being ‘guests’ mainly for older private swingers’ parties. We also offered an Introductory Swingers Service, where we would accompany singles or couples to their first club, making sure their first experience was unforgettable (this was our favourite job!).

We started to get calls all the time from people wanting to work or for advice on becoming an escort or on swingers clubs and parlours…so, we decided to revise our website to give people just that – to be able to advertise, ask for advice and lots more.

Unlike other similar sites, this site has been designed from both the escort and client point of view. Liam has seen more parlours and escorts than we could ever count! We regularly attend swingers clubs and know exactly what service to provide for an escort. This site really is the only ONE STOP SEX SHOP on the net!

As escorts we had a lot of repeat clients – we are down to earth, genuine and made it a very personal service, so we want this to reflect within our site and offerings.

To help with peoples searches, we have added a WCBY Seal of Approval. So, if you see a stamp, we have either met them in person or tried, tested and like the club, escort, parlour or toy. Feel free to ask us about our experience.

Hope you enjoy!